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Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy of Jovilet.

Physical products

We issue replacements for damage of products during transit of the original purchase of the product. We shall pickup the damaged product if return pickup services are available at the required location/else the client might have to reship the parcel back to us and a standard shipping cost of INR 100 will be refunded to them. A replacement will ONLY be provided. In case of unavailability of the same product a voucher/gift card/coupon code will be provided which can be redeemed for your future purchases.

The placed orders cannot be cancelled or exchanged for another product. If a particular item in your entire order cannot be processed by us, the item can be replaced for an equivalent value or an additional value item considering the additional price can be paid or a coupon/voucher/gift card value can be provided for the product that can be used on future orders.

If a handmade product which has a making timeline (kundan jadau/traditional kemp jewellery category) is received damaged, the product shall ONLY be remade and provided or a gift card/voucher/coupon code can be availed which can be redeemed for future purposes.

At all given situations except for international shipping the coupon/voucher/gift card will be provided including the shipping cost if the product has been received damaged in transit. We unfortunately do not have an exchange policy for international customers but we ship across 80+ countries and are extremely responsible with packaging and has feedbacks on our social media to vouch for the same. We do try to cater for alternative solutions to rectify the problem if any as well and will differ time to time based on the situations.

We recommend customers or anyone authorized by the customer to be available at the destination address mentioned to pickup the jewelry in the courier service timings which is typically 9am IST to 5pm IST. In case of person unavailability, a total of two to three attempts will be done for the courier to be delivered. But beyond the specified limit of trying to deliver the parcel will be returned to the origin. Retainment of the parcel for client pickup at the courier office after multiple unsuccessful deliveries depends on the location and the courier service. A re-courier will be of course done and the customer might have to bear the re-shipping costs once again.

Any and all items that are not received or claims regarding the same should be raised within 24 hours of the order being shipped, any such claims after the mentioned window will not be entertained nor any refunds/replacements will be provided for the same with the same. It will considered as null.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving our products.

We will NOT accept return/exchange for below reasons

  • There might be slight variations in the color tone of the actual product with respect to the images on the website as these are digital photography and depends on the monitor settings of each device. Though please be 200% assured that all pics are taken by Vriksham authentically under natural light. You should exactly get what you see. We also upload sufficient feedback’s of customers, jewelry received images from customers and videos on our social media channels for your perusal.
  • Semi precious and precious jewelry are made by hand and may have slight irregularities in designs that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. This will not be considered as defect for exchange/refund.
  • If the jewelry’s physical look & feel doesn’t suit your liking.
  • If the jewel is too heavy to wear or looks big.
  • If the size of the jewel is not what you expected.
  • Earring stems are bent purposefully on some cases – to avoid breakage which is not considered as a Transit Damage.
  • Under rare circumstances, the jewelry beads or stones may have fallen during transit. Such things which can be easily fixed with fabric glue and will not be exchanged or refunded.
  • Bangles size chart is always available on every bangle product page. Please measure your size before you make a purchase if you are unsure of the size. We do not provide exchanges/refunds for wrong size orders placed
  • Back ropes provided free of cost during the purchase is provided as a gesture and will not be replaced as a seperate parcel in case found broken upon receiving. Importantly they can be shipped extra as a gesture on your next order as an alternative solution.
  • We unfortunately do not have an exchange policy for international customers but we ship across 80+ countries and are extremely responsible with packaging and has feedbacks on our social media to vouch for the same. We do try to cater for alternative solutions to rectify the problem if any as well and will differ time to time based on the situations

Please be assured that we take full care in packing parcels for both domestic and international purchases no matter the value of the parcel. The jewelry is triple checked for damage and packed with sufficient bubble wraps in cardboard boxes/plastic boxes. Our feedbacks and customer diaries vouch for the same. We also upload different angle pictures for you to be able to identify the length and width of the jewelry and also has an active IGTV and Reels on Instagram with videos of different jewelry updated. Please check the same in case of any questions. Alternatively feel free to reach out to us.


Video Proof of Wrong Product

At Jovilet we strive to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. We understand that occasionally, despite our best efforts, you may receive a product that doesn't match your expectations. We value your satisfaction and have implemented a hassle-free return policy to address such situations.

 If you believe you have received the wrong product, we kindly request you to follow the guidelines outlined below to initiate the return process.

  • Video Proof Requirement: In order to ensure a swift resolution and provide you with the best possible assistance, we require video evidence clearly demonstrating that you have received an incorrect product. This video should showcase the unboxing process, clearly displaying the item received, its packaging, and any distinguishing features that prove it differs from what you ordered.

  • Video Guidelines:

    • Ensure the video is well-lit, allowing for clear visibility of the product details.
    • Capture close-up shots of any labels, logos, or unique characteristics that can help establish the product's identity.
    • Avoid excessive background noise or distractions that may hinder the clarity of the video.
    • Keep the video duration reasonable while including all essential details.
  • Submission Process: Once you have recorded the video, please contact our customer support team via [email/phone number] to initiate the return process. Our representatives will guide you on the preferred method of video submission, which may include uploading the video to our secure platform or sharing it through a supported file-sharing service.

  • Review and Resolution: After receiving your video proof, our dedicated team will carefully evaluate the content to verify the discrepancy. We aim to complete this review within [number of business days], depending on the complexity of the case. We appreciate your patience during this process.

  • Return Options: If our team confirms that you received the wrong product, we offer the following return options:

    • Exchange: We will ship the correct product to you at the earliest opportunity.
    • Refund: If an exchange is not feasible, we will issue a refund for the incorrect item.

We value your feedback and continuous support in improving our services. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our return policy or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated customer support team is available 24*7 to assist you.

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